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smart-classroom Smart & Spacious classrooms

Every classroom at our school is spacious, bright, ventilated and furnished with imported furniture that are ergonomically designed confirming to the standards specified for kids to develop the right posture and comfortably sit on for many days of their schooling. Most of the  classroom is equipped with ICT tools, providing a very lively and enriching session between the students and the teacher.

books Library & Media

Our school has a well stocked Library catering to the needs of various age groups. These books provide avenues for expanding the horizons of knowledge and generating interest and enthusiasm The library offers a wide range of News papers, Periodicals, Magazines and Reference materials satiating one’s thirst for knowledge.

sports Sports/Music/Dance

Sports tournaments at various levels in chess, badminton, basketball, volley-ball, football and athletics, along with Music,Karate and Dance are part of our school curriculum. They not only enhance the spirit of healthy competition, but also equip the child to be disciplined, well coordinated and improves their abilities to work and excel individually and in a team.

bus Transport Facility

We provide daily transport facility for kid’s pick and drop. Our school buses are safe, well maintained and child friendly. Each bus is driven by a well trained driver and has the presence of a care giver to escort the child.

Computer Computer Lab

In this age of Information Technology, an early exposure to basics of computer readies every child for the future and also helps the child to overcome any inhibitions they could have towards computer usage. Our school has one computer lab with latest models of computers and soft-wares.

play Play Ground

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… our school not just lays emphasis on studies, but also has sports activity weaved into the curriculum. We have a large play ground earmarked for various sports activities. Each week two period is allocated for sports that let the students break away from confines of the classroom and studies.

activity Montessori activity room

A primary goal of Montessori philosophy is: “Help me to do it myself”. We want to encourage children to learn by doing and to incorporate a sense of learning and accomplishment into their everyday tasks and activities.

sciencelab Science lab

Our lab is facilitated with well equipped experiments to kindle the interest of the students in scientific research and technology.